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Hi, thanks for visiting this page. I have sent you to this specific page where I try to give you all the information. I set up this page as, due to the fact that I advertise regularly because every week more or less, I have a student of mine taking their driving test. In other words I advertise a lot because a lot of people pass with me. 

Ok, so about my crudentials and then about lessons.

I am fully qualified, this means I am an DVSA Approved Driving Instructor commonly refered to as an ADI. Many of the people offering driving lessons, bring little experience and are not fully qualified. I also have a relatively young car, which helps with reliability and less disruption because of less breakdowns. Now whilst a breakdown can happen to anyone I have seen a Driving Instructor with a car that is nearly 20 years old breakdown twice at my local test centre at the time of a test. It’s fair to assume that isn’t the only place they’ve broken down. 

I am going to say right now. I am not the cheapest instuctor some of these Instrcutors with old cars or not qualified may be cheaper. But, I am experienced at the time of writing this I have worked as an Instructor for more than 4 years, in addition to this I have worked in a training capacity for much, much longer, and taught people advanced Motorcycling and Driving Techniques for over 20 years.

My standard lessons are £66 *1

I do the majority of my lessons between Monday and Wednesday, between 0900-2030. Even with these part time hours I am still probably one of the more frequently seen Instructors at the local driving test centre. Because I actually get people to test standard.

If you are still reading 

Lessons are based around the Students needs, areas of development and the DVSA syllabus to teach not only being able to pass the driving test but to be a safe driver for life.

In addition to my standard lessons, I offer mini/semi-intensive and Intensive driving courses where time spent together is longer and less time before you then resume, this suits people who are quick to learn, can get a week off holiday but struggle with their schedule week to week, making a weekly lesson challenging, or may wish to save a little money.

I am patient, flexible and have taught many people with barriers to learning, who are anxious about their driving, nervous about their test etc.

If you are still reading, then great the only thing left to do, is book a lesson.  

 *1 Between 0900-1700 Week Days, all other times are £73

Message me on Facebook or often better is to WhatsApp me 07779224989 or text as well. 

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