Booking your driving test Booking your driving test

Please don’t book your driving test without me knowing.

Why? I may not be available. I may be away, already taking someone else to their test etc.

What’s changed due to the pandemic as driving lessons and tests weren’t conducted for a large portion of the year 2020/21 there is a massive backlog of students wishing to learn and take their tests.

As of May 2021 I have heard from students and other instructors that there aren’t any local tests this year.

The best advice I can give you if you haven’t been deemed test ready is by all means book a test, of you aren’t test ready it needs to be at least a couple of months away based on 2 hour per week, every week MINIMUM. UPDATE March 22 the DVSA have instructed professional instructors to advise their clients not to book until they are ready, booking blocks others who are ready for their test.

Tests can be cancelled or rearranged up until about 3 days before and full refunds can be given by the DVSA. Booking your test doesn’t mean I will allow it to happen, if your using my car you have to be to a certain standard to be able to take your test. I am not prepared to risk criticism /logging from the DVSA Examiners for submitting a learner for test when they aren’t test ready. I will simply have to withdrawal the use of my car.

You can take of course take your test in a car that is deemed suitable by the DVSA. You can read more about that HERE

If you are test ready and are trying to get a test, why not use this service for a cancellation. Driving Test Cancellations 4 All | Unlimited Driving Test Cancellations Until You Pass

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